Leslie knew at age 16 she had found her true passion. Photography has been Leslie's form of expression and through art she's able to capture human essence.  

She has been in this industry since 2008 when she attended college and realized how creative you can get with photography. Over the years she's mastered photo editing and learned about the craft to perfect it as much as she could. 

Leslie became a freelance photographer in 2016 when she realized in order to get where she wants to be, is to do it herself. Her biggest dreams has been to photograph other Artists in the music industry and has found herself working with clients in Universal Records, Mom + Pop Music, Republic Records, Soulection & other big labels. 

She also has worked with big brands such as Volcom, Rusty and other local brands located in Los Angeles and San Diego California. 

Her goal is to continue to work with people who want the world to see their own light. She loves to capture people in a creative way and enhancing the human expression through art.